Getting fit is the dream for everyone. People want to look good and feel good. The trend of getting fitter and leaner is now very popular. People invest time and money to make themselves fit. There are many important factors when you start your journey to fitness. First of all, you must have a will to take you through this fitness journey, right goal setting and the person who guides you. The most important should be given to the person who can help you to achieve your goal. Without their guidance and support, you might not achieve your goal, may end up desperate and unmotivated. That person is your fitness trainer.

The fitness trainer is the best friend you can keep during your fitness regime. As when you will start your fitness campaign, you might be naive about fitness and exercise rules. You will not be aware that which exercise is more suitable for your body type and with what you have to make a start. Also in the start, everybody is motivated and that motivation can lead to overdoing the things that can cause injury or fatigue. After a little while, you will find yourself out of rhythm and again struggling to get back on track. But when you have a personal trainer Hawthorn with you, they will take you slowly so that your body and mind start accepting the change. They will design your fitness plan with timelines and milestones to achieve. They are in better knowledge of body type and its stress mechanism. A personal trainer will take your exercise plan which your body can accept and not feel stressed or fatigued. Getting a dedicated personal trainer helps to get to your fitness target faster and smoother. Getting the right personal trainer is same as getting the right doctor for you because a trainer can diagnose the problems in your lifestyle and design your training plan accordingly.

There are certain traits that every trainer must possess otherwise they might not be able to do their job at their best

Fitness eccentric

A personal trainer from Tabban Muscle and Body Shape should be fitness eccentric. Their discussion and actions should display their commitment to fitness. This helps to gain client trust when they see a trainer following a set of rules which were given to their client.


The human body is a complex machine and every other part is integrated with others. A trainer must have a good knowledge of human anatomy. They should have an understanding of the effect of certain activities on the body and if their clients have any special medical conditions. A trainer must be knowledgeable to design a plan as per the client’s medical condition

Communication skills

For the trainer, their words are their strongest tool. They cannot force anyone physically to follow the fitness plan, they have to convince them. The trainer must have excellent communication skills that can help to create a rapport with their client. This aids in making a strong relationship where your client will follow your given plan without any doubt or resistance.