Stress is one of the scariest epidemics you can see in the world. Due to its unique nature, it is important to understand that it cannot be classified as a disease or disorder or even as a symptom. Stress in short is the body’s reaction to any change when that change requires an alteration or reaction from the body. The response can be elicited physically, mentally and even emotionally. In other words, stress is not an enemy; it is more of a frenemies. You need to understand that stress is an experienced by everyone as a general part of life and is not always a problem.

Is stress bad?

In general terms, stress is not bad and it does not even have an impact if it is in present in normal levels. However, when a person experiences high levels of stress for an extended period of time then it will cause health problems and affect the quality of life. It is worse if the individual concerned is pregnant, since it will affect the babies as well as the pregnant woman.

Stress management

There are different methods, forms and therapies that you can follow to reduce stress. You can join health and wellness coaching Gold Coast classes to improve your life and your outlook on life. You cannot decide which method will exactly help you, since every individual is different from another and individual difference means you need different forms of therapy. You also need to keep an eye on your diet when you are stressed.

You can even consult a dietician to help you to keep yourself on track. There are a lot of people who stress eats in other words binge eat because of stress and they put on unhealthy amount of weight. It is important to understand that it can work the other way too. People might stop eating because of stress and lose weight fastly.When a person is experiencing long term, it will have an impact on his physical as well as psychological well being.

When people are under stress, their immune system will be dysfunctional. This makes them vulnerable to any and all diseases. Psychologically, when people are under stress for long time, there are a lot of implications like angry outbursts, developing eating disorders, addiction to substance like alcohol, nicotine and others. In conclusion, it can be seen that even time management is a part of stress management. Therefore, if we all work on managing our stress, we are more likely to live a long time in good health.