The name yoga brings to our mind a picture of a person holding his body in a certain posture with calmness on his face. It is not just about holding your body. It requires attention and controlled breathing; yoga is a form of exercise that not only works on body muscles, but also on the mind. It brings together the body and mind to make us more aware and gives extremely useful benefits.

Mental well-being:

Yoga requires concentration on the breathing and body. This soothes the mind. This discharges the tension and negative thoughts. Yoga activities consisting of meditation, breathing and exercises reduce anxiety and depression. It even lowers the blood pressure and improves respiration. Besides treatment, yoga classes help with good mental well-being.

Boosts memory and concentration: Yoga helps in clearing your mind. It calms down the senses and gives power to remember things and perform better.

Prevents onset of mental health conditions – Yoga is a proven method to protect from mental illness. Breathing, relaxation and meditation make people able to control anger, improve resilience and mindfulness.

Reduces effect of PTSD – Abused women and military persons develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yoga can be a great counterattack against the ravages of the experiences.

Weight loss: If going to gym or jogging is not an option for you, go ahead with yoga. Yoga with stretching and balancing postures burns the fat and aids in weight loss. Also, combing yoga with less mills body pump will help you amazing results to transform your body and mind.

Strength and flexibility: Yoga with its different postures helps achieving strength and flexibility. Joints and back become more flexible to help to move more easily. Back pain reduces with backward bending asanas like makarasana, bhujangasana and dhanurasana. Meditative asanas like padmasana, siddhasana and sukhasana give steadiness and stability to the body.

Stomach health: Asanas, like hamsasana and mayurasana, strengthen the arms and shoulders and improve digestion. Removing constipation, yoga removes toxins from body. This also helps to get glowing skin.

Yoga to increase energy: Our busy lifestyle drains us completely. A few minutes of yoga practice can give us the energy to do our daily chores.

Better alertness and intuition: Yoga and meditation makes the mind more alert and improves your intuitive powers investing with positive energy.

Yoga for better relationships: A relaxed mind always remains calm in all kinds of situation. It also reacts in a calm way even in a sensitive time. Arguments fail to affect a contented mind.

Yoga gives result with constant practice. Regular practice helps you to achieve the varying benefits of yoga.